Make a meaningful connection to Vancouver’s writing community. Your name will be associated with a lively cultural event aimed at promoting literacy, and you will receive a signed copy of your author’s book. This program was created as a way of fundraising for Word Vancouver; we need your help to ensure the festival is a success!

You get to choose an author at the festival to “adopt,” and you will receive acknowledgment of your adoption on our website, and before your author’s reading.  You’ll also get a signed copy of their most recent book. A completed Author Adoption Form and cheque for $100 are all that are required. Either send the form and cheque by mail, or email the form to and send $100 via Paypal (see link on the left side of this page). You can pick up your book at the festival to get it peronally signed, or delegate us to have it signed on your behalf.  Want to know which authors are up for adoption?  Check out the list!

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