sunday, september 29

on-site stations

stations you can visit around library square on sunday, september 29th.

outside the library

Opening Traditional Blessing (11:00 - 11:25am): Festival Opening. Celebrating 25 years of Word Vancouver with Mayor Kennedy Stewart and a traditional Indigenous blessing. Host: Bonnie Nish.

Christianne’s Lyceum: Stop by for an interactive word activity.

Family Picnic Area: Come join the fun in this family friendly picnic area with umbrella covered tables. Try your hand at a giant Jenga game or have a few rounds of ring toss. Take a few minutes to browse through books and get an idea of what is happening inside. Leave a message or write your own poem on one of two giant chalk boards!

Imprint: Your Future Tense: The Imprint is a literary collective dedicated to participatory acts of writing. The Imprint challenges participants to write, read, and dream in public spaces.

Romer’s Food Truck: What is a family picnic without food? Forget your picnic basket, don’t bother to go shopping. Pull up a picnic bench and dig into one of Romer’s famous veggie/beef burgers or yummy bowls.

Translink Poetry Bus (11:30am - 1:30pm): Come out and “Create Your Own #PoetryInTransit.” Facilitator: Kevin Spenst

Usborne Books: Fun family activities for all young writers.

West Coast Calligraphy: Free personal handmade bookmarks created onsite.

the promenade

The Red Carpet: What have you been reading lately? What are you looking forward to hearing at the festival? Let us know your thoughts, reviews, favourites on our actual red carpet.

8th floor

Editors Association Blue Pencil Editing Consults: This is on a first come first serve basis. Sign up at their table on the 8th floor. Don’t forget to tuck your favourite poem or manuscript in your bag for a personal editing session.

9th floor

SFU Manuscript Consults: Meeting Room #918. More info here.

UBC Department of Education: Instant Poetry on Instagram. Contribute to the Instagram poetry craze with your own poem. Tag your post with #WordVan25. This stream will be dispayed the whole day during the festival.

Pandora’s Collective

Capilano Review: Capilano Review will display 25-year years of Word Vancouver in the magazine.