on-site stations

stations you can visit around library square on sunday, september 29th.

outside robson street

Word Vancouver Family Picnic Area: Area with 12 picnic tables with umbrellas if it rains, giant Jenga game and word ring toss. Books from the festival to browse, giant chalk boards to write instant poetry on.

Translink’s Poetry Bus

Romer’s Food Truck

Imprint: The Imprint Presents: Your Future Tense. The Imprint is a literary collective dedicated to participatory acts of writing. Co-directed by writers Laura Farina and Leanne Prain, The Imprint challenges participants to write, read, and dream in public spaces. The-Imprint.ca

the promenade

The Red Carpet: Interviews with people as they come into the library about what they are reading

8th floor

Editors Association Blue Pencil Editing Consults

9th floor

SFU Manuscript Consults: Meeting Room #918

UBC Department of Education: Instant Poetry on Instagram

Pandora’s Collective: Write Around the Block (write poems on-site workshops and post them on the street)

Capilano Review: A 25-year perspective of Word in their magazine display