sunday, september 29

on-site workshops

9th floor

Meeting Room #917

Supported by donations from Magazines Canada, Webexpress and Creative BC

A variety of facilitators and topics to help you generate writing.

River Moving—An Exploration of Devotional Poetry

11:30am – 12:30pm

Facilitator: Leanne Boschman

This workshop explores ways that poetry can connect us to something larger than ourselves, to a sense of unity and connection to mystery. There are many traditions of devotional poetry in many religions, faith groups, and spiritual movements. In some cases, this work echoes traditional faith practices and beliefs and sometimes it voices wild, rebellious impulses. Considering this diverse body of devotional verse, we will explore ways that poems can help us connect, centre, heal, reach towards the big mysteries and, as Rumi describes, feel “a river moving” within. We will begin by looking at poems by poets such as Emily Dickinson, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Rumi and move on to writing, both individually and collectively, our own devotional poems.

THIS IS CRAP: Making peace with your difficult muse and rediscovering joy in your creative process

1:00 - 2:00pm

Facilitator: Angela Rebrec

Reconnect with your creative self with these fun, low-stress and practical collaborative exercises designed to rekindle love of your writing practice. Come prepared to laugh, move and glue stick your way past writer's block, self-doubt and anxiety. All supplies provided.

On the decline of café poet random meet ups

2:00 - 3:00pm

Facilitator: Sho Wiley

All a poet needs is a blank page (virtual, figurative, made of light and/or dark, vellum, unfolded from a napkin) and pointer (pen, fingers, point of mind…), right? Oh and oozings of raw talent, lashings of inspiration, and tons of time (this is my preference!). 

Or, maybe some warm-up exercises, in the company of other writers, and some shared ideas of what works for them? Due to the decline of café poet random meet ups, we have come to rely on the writing workshop. This is what we’ll do: I’ll share a few of the best warm-up exercises and writing prompts I’ve created or been given with permission to share. Overall, these have been developed for writing/composing spoken word, but every new poem is really an experiment, so please feel welcome. We’ll finish with a brief update on where to go to perform or hear spoken word/slam poetry in the local scene.

Writers' Workshop: A Word After a Word After a Word

3:00 - 4:00pm

Facilitator: Laura Farina

We've all heard that good writing is the right words in the right order, but how do you go from one right word to a page of them? In this workshop, poet Laura Farina will help you build a collection of words to draw on when writing is tough, and introduce you to a series of writing prompts designed to turn one word into many.


4:00 - 5:00pm

Facilitator: David Geary

A workshop on how tricks, trickery and Tricksters can transform your work. Shapeshifters are forms of Tricksters, and something all writers should aspire to be. By shapeshifting through different literary forms we can strengthen all our work and become Transformers. Transformation is the key to all great stories - What does your character start as? What trials should you put them through to transform them by the end?