saturday, september 28

carnegie centre & library

401 main st, vancouver

10:00am – 12:00pm

Performance Workshop

Facilitator: Amanda Wardrop

Come play with your words, put them on their feet! Bring a poem (preferably an original piece) that you would like to work with and we will have fun sharing poems in strange and wonderful ways so that sharing them becomes more comfortable. This is a full participation workshop; you will be invited to work as an individual inside the group, as well as to share to the group.

12:15 – 2:15pm

Chapbook Making Workshop: fold the page - stitch along the crease

Facilitator: Joanne Ursino

This workshop is about making a small book: with the fold of the page – and the stitch along the crease. Explore the structure of the chapbook alongside the pamphlet stitch. And, make a small book for your own writing practice - or to share in community. This workshop is an opportunity to work with various materials and tools in the creation of small books.  Chapbooks are an excellent structure for sharing poems, short stories, small drawings or perhaps a few images. Supplies will be provided and tools for bookmaking will be available.

2:30 - 4:30pm

Transmuting Emotion and Observation to Poetic Activism

Facilitator: Steve Duncan

The world is a challenging place. Violence, oppression, hate, greed, climate concerns and more seem to be constant topics of news and conversation. Naturally, as poets, we want to somehow commit our emotions and perspectives to paper, but where to start?  This collaborative workshop aims to give you the inspiration and focus needed to create fierce, original, courageous and compelling writing. Using thought-provoking prompts and exercises, we will collectively explore ideas and imagery to help fuel your own creativity. Participants should bring a notebook with plenty of blank space for writing.


Open Mic: Open to participants in all of the workshops.

sfu harbour centre

515 w. hastings st, vancouver

10:00am – 12:00pm

Writing Workshop Submissions 101

Facilitator: Natasha Sanders-Kay

Do's and don'ts for submitting to magazines, finding your sweet spot, targeting submissions.

12:15 - 2:15pm

Making A Living In the Writing World: Building Your Platform

Facilitator: Sylvia Taylor

Come out of the cave and into the village! Getting published and making a living isn’t just about writing anymore – it’s about building a solid foundation, a platform, of credibility and expertise. For experienced and emerging writers alike, we need to build our presence from the ground up, with good planning, good tools, good materials and creative flair. Explore the many ways writers can build their professional platform and use their skills in the corporate, educational, media, literary, and consulting worlds.

2:30 – 4:30pm

Braiding: The Power of Creative Non-Fiction (Memoir, Personal Essay or Travelogue)

Facilitator: Joan Boxall

"You don't really have a workable idea until you combine two ideas" - Twyla Tharp

Have you ever struggled with balancing style and substance in your writing? Creative Non-Fiction (CNF) writing does the dance, as field founder Lee Gutkind calls it, inter-weaving scenes with factual information.  Gutkind defines CNF as 'true stories, well told'. Joan inter-weaves many layers in the true story of an artful journey with her mentally-ill brother.  She'll share tips on how to braid your own CNF. Bring pen and paper, or laptop, and be prepared to join in, as Joan Boxall challenges, educates and inspires us.

Britannia Library, gallery room

1661 Napier St, Vancouver

3:00 - 4:30 pm

Pandora's Collective and Word Vancouver Present
Still/ed Here - A Transmedia Poetry Project

Still/ed Here is a transmedia poetry project, a collection of still/hyperphoto fragments of the voices of two poets, Natasha Boškić (Vancouver) and Mohamad Kebbewar (Syria), contained within the poetry film “On the Margin of History” projected within the installation, designed and created by mulitimedia artist, Mary McDonald (London, ON).

Still/ed Here is a multiplicity of the narratives of Canada about displacement and healing, created by community participation. This project draws from personal narratives on the experience of loss or abandonment of home and land due to various reasons: war, conflict, forced migration, poverty.

Join Natasha Boškić and Mary McDonald in conversation about collaboration and co-creation of poetry and media. Watch the poetry film and become part of the big narrative. The artists invite individual audience contributions to the Augmented Reality (AR) installation. The recordings and video fragments are created on-site during the exhibition. These individual stories are added to the collective story of displacement, an issue of currency, of urgency in Canada, and in our world.