Exhibitor Fees: Inside Library Promenade Table

Exhibitor Fees: Inside Library Promenade Table

from 100.00

Please fill out the Exhibitor Form first, send it to info@wordvancouver.ca with the subject “Exhibitor Form 2019” and then pay your fees here.

Consists of one skirted eight-foot table with two chairs. These tables are for eight feet of frontage and are located in a row of tables in the promenade.

Size details:

  1. A full table is a 1 eight-foot skirted table with two chairs

  2. A 1/2 table is 1/2 of 1 eight-foot skirted tables with one chair

For more information about exhibitor fees, click here.

Note: Zines, comic books and graphic novels exhibitors receive $100 per half table.

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